Mom's Present

From my last post, the world now knows that Wednesday was my mom's birthday. My dad and I decided on a joint present, at least in a way. He had the idea and bought the present, and for my part, I baked my mom's cake and offered to set the present up.

I started grinning like mad when the majestic stainless steel and glossy white robotic stork gently set the box wrapped in silk on the doorstep very friendly UPS delivery woman appeared at the door and had me sign for the cardboard box she said was from Apple. That's right—it's a brand new computer; the white MacBook, to be exact.

So, today I will be setting it up. My mom must have thought I was crazy when I called her today at work and asked to make absolutely sure she didn't mind missing the initial setup, her new computer's first startup and first time connecting to the internet, etc. But I already knew I was crazy, so that's ok. She said she doesn't mind.

Mom, I hope you enjoy your new MacBook. You are an amazingly patient person, especially if you can stand the constant appearance of the spinning beach ball on your iBook G3. But hopefully that won't be a problem anymore, or at least not until your '09 MacBook can be considered "vintage."

I love you, Mom! Happy Birthday!


Happy Birthday to Mom!

Happy Birthday, Mom!


Congrats on another year!  (And on discovering Hampsterdance, too!)


I'm home!

Well, I've been home for a few days now.  It's nice to have a break from finals and classes, though it does feel really weird not being on campus.  I start my lone summer class tomorrow (Music Appreciation at a local community college, just to fulfill some requirements and for fun).  It meets a grand total of three times, so I'm assuming most of it is online.  I'm pretty sure it won't be as ridiculously complicated as taking Physics online in high school was, but I'll cut that long story off before it starts. 

Well, here's to a long summer and few plans!


Happy Mother's Day!

I love you, Mom!  Thank you for everything, and have a very happy Mother's Day!




Well, I just had my first final exam.  I will be done with them and leaving VT on next Wednesday, but until then, I'll be alternately buried in notes, trying to relax, or trying to pack.  Wish me luck!


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Happy Easter, everyone!

"He is not here; He has risen, just as He said."  Matt. 28:6a